COVID-19 updates!


What does the Mask Mandate Lift mean for us?

We will continue our efforts to keep each other safe and will still require masks and continue with our current safety protocols.


Health and safety has never been more important and we are taking extreme measures to ensure we are doing our part to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. 


To keeping everyone healthy and safe we now require the following:


  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): We ask that clients please wear a mask during the appointment. Masks help keep others, including your beauty pro, safe. If the client does not have a mask, we will ask them to cancel their appointment. Both clients and beauty professionals are required to wear a protective face covering during the service. 

      Beauty pros will arrive with their own PPE, including a mask or face covering.


 If the client(s) does not have a mask, we will ask them to cancel and reschedule their appointment.


  • We will be following the city of Austin for up to date info on stay at home orders and protocols.


  •  As on-location services are permitted, we are required to have a space that limits contact  with others, a room will need to be designated for the beauty pro to be completely compliant with state guidelines. Masks must be worn by everyone within our designated area and we must maintain social distancing along with only one client per one beauty pro at a time. 

We will also be providing temperature checks prior to services starting.

Cooperation and responsibility: We ask that our pros and clients alike take care of themselves and others. We encourage you to monitor your health daily. Take your temperature. If you are sick or feeling any symptoms, please cancel your appointment. We are all in this together.

Safe Working Environment: The Portable Powder Room/Heather Maria will not provide services in any location or area deemed to be unsafe in its sole discretion.   



In Studio Appointments:

At this time guests are unable to accompany our clients during their appointment.

Masks are required during appointment.

Check back for more updates.

Our jobs as Cosmetologist require close proximity and social distancing is not at all possible. We will be using our own common sense to stop the spread. If we feel we do not have a safe working environment, because of asymptomatic cases circulating, our previous protocols have been adjusted to the above.


We thank you for your understanding while we do our part to slow the spread!