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What types of weddings Heather Maria will provide services to?

Relaxed, Intimate, Personal and has true genuine meaning.  Heather Maria provides services to brides and their bridal party, that find a common interest, that the most important part of the wedding, is the bride marrying the love of her life.

What days can Pre-Wedding trials be scheduled on?

Early booking is recommended. Dates fill quickly.


You may schedule your Pre-Wedding Trial on the following days:

  • FALL/WINTER - Tuesday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm & Wednesday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • SPRING/SUMMER -  Tuesday 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm & Wednesday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm 

        Thursday - Sunday are Onsite Wedding Days

Why are trials required for Bridal Services?

Trials are an important part of your wedding day experience. Trials are a collaboration between client and beauty pro to develop a look that the client is most comfortable with together.  This allows you to try your look and gives us the opportunity to tweak things before the wedding day. 

I live out of town and can't schedule a trial?

That's ok! We can schedule a ZOOM call! We will chat in depth about your look and develop a style that is best for you. In this call we will dive deep into your wedding day look.

How do I secure my reservations?

With a signed contract along with a paid retainer. Once you are ready to book, I will forward contract and invoice.

This means that until your deposit, agreement and confirmed number of services are submitted, your date is not secured and can be booked by any inquiry at any time. It is never too early to book your date!



Are there any early morning fees?

We will be glad to get up early for you! The fee is $55/hour/artist before 8:00 am.


If you are having an early morning wedding, some Brides opt for adding an additional artist to sleep in a little longer.


My timeline is short, how much is it to add an artist?

If you have a short timeline due to venue time restraints or other short timeline requirements, you may need an additional artist. This only is added only  for our beauties with a short timeline restrictions. The rate is $150/artist to add an artist & must be booked in advance. Adding an artist after your contract is signed comes with additional fees in addition to the above fee.

How long does it take to complete hair and makeup services?

Rough idea!  Keep in mind this is for service completions only..

​Makeup 30-45 minutes

Hair 45 minutes

Bridal Hair 45-1 hour

Bridal Makeup 45-1 hour

You should make a decision on your timeline needs and what would be the best location to get ready. 


When should I schedule my trial hair and makeup?

I recommend having your trial no earlier than one and half month prior to event date if you are a booked PPR beauty. This will give you time to finalize the details of your looks and to see if you would like any changes made. You can provide this information on your proposal.

If anyone in my party change their mind on services am I responsible?

Upon booking and securing your event date, a confirmed number of services must be submitted.  After submission of your contract you are responsible for service totals and any cost adjustments.

You can always have them pay you via Venmo when they decide to book services through you, if they are paying for their own services.

Do you provide hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a personal decision and if you choose to have them, we do not provide them. If you choose to have them, I recommend visiting your local hair supply store where they can help you color match your clip-in extensions. The fee to clip-in extensions or if you already have them placed, is an additional $25 for trials and event day.



Can you duplicate a makeup/hair look from pictures in a magazine? 

As an artist we have our own styles and techniques. A picture is great for an idea, but realistic expectations must be put into consideration. In many photos, the model may be wearing extensions, a wig, and can have a totally different type of hair texture and length, skin tone and more. If you are looking for an artist to perfectly  duplicate a picture to a tee, I may not be the artist for you. My approach is natural and organic and while I love pictures for an idea, I love creating and not completely duplicating!



How do I keep my makeup fresh for the whole day? How will the product wear?  

We use product that we feel are best for events. Every ones skin is different and reacts to makeup differently The best way to find out! Is to have a makeup trial to find out how your makeup will wear. Then you can adjust things for your wedding or prepare well before the wedding day. Touch-ups may or may not be needed depending on several things, for example, if you touch your face constantly,  if you are looking for touch up services, I am available to stay for touch-ups at $55/hour.

Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice.

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