and this all began, while watching my mother primp in a brown hand mirror, every morning on the back porch of our Southern Alabama home, because the natural lighting was best. Hot curlers, a bag of makeup and her ambition, to look and feel beautiful so she could start her day. I began this morning ritual too, at the age of  14 or maybe even younger. Just like my mother, with hot rollers, a kaboodle of makeup and intent, I too, set out to create a look that made me feel my best.


My makeup and hair ritual continues, with the inspiration my wardrobe evokes that day,  bringing me a sense of beauty and refreshment. If I can help women create those feelings through their makeup and hair experience, then my goal has been fulfilled. 


State License:  TX & AL

Education: Pensacola State





 "Let's not compete with your hair & makeup, let's make them your ally"

- Heather Maria

The Philosophy

I set an eminent model in the makeup and hair industry.  My fascination with nature,  natural beauty and enhancing the real person, is at the very soul of my passion for makeup and hair artistry. By meticulously researching all products used to ensure they work and are kind to our furry friends, I have made a personal commitment to use beauty to effect change in the world.  Creating artfully crafted makeup and hair from what inspires me, and creating makeup looks that show the real person, I want to change the beauty industry by making woman feel beautiful in the skin they are in, by enhancing and simply spotlighting a woman's features naturally

The Brands

An aspiration to educate all, through the products I choose for your beauty experience. I meticulously research and choose as many cruelty free products for my clients as possible. My goal is to be 100% cruelty free, by replacing all new products with cruelty free options only. 

For this, I do for all living creatures who don't get a choice.

Artistic Style

Soft, Romantic, Relaxed, Timeless, Classic, Boho



I love customizing looks together with my beauties within the above styles! When you hire me as your personal artist, I include my own creativity and recommend what would suit you best. Using what inspires me for your event as well. 

Please take a look through my portfolio for what styles I can bring to you, for your event.


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 "My hair and makeup was the only thing I was worried about and it came out so perfect." 

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