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Get    glowing

Your big day is special for us! Heather Maria Beauty specializes in providing intimate and exclusive wedding skincare services for the bride to be!

So let's get glowing! 

C l e a r  &  C a l m - acne Plan        5 treatments           $125                       

Clear acne and destress. To my brides that have acne, I understand! My brides that battle acne or have sudden breakouts before the wedding due to the excitement or stress of the day, enjoy this relaxing 30 min service.   I recommend having all 5 treatments the week of your wedding,  and if you are local, I recommend starting the month before with at least one treatment.


The Wedding Day Glow-                60 min.                      $75                       

Prepping the skin for makeup can make a huge difference. Get that bridal glow & fresh palette for makeup with the bridal glow facial.



L a s h  L i f t                                         $58                  

#1 Bridal Booking

Let's curl those lashes! If you are hesitant to wear stripe lashes on your big day and want a natural looking lash enhancement, this is it. L I F T is a simple alternative to eyelash extensions and there’s virtually no after-care required! Just wake up and get going with your beautiful lashes.

Lasts 5-6 weeks

Additional    Services


PowerDerm® Kinetic Dermabrasion (30 minutes) - $40     add mask $10 

PowerDerm® Patented Kinetic Dermabrasion works by impressing a dense crystalline compound upon the skin with a “kinetic” force.  With this, we achieve dramatic facial resurfacing, remodeling, and lifting that cannot be reproduced with any Medical or other Resurfacing tool, or Collagen injection fillers. Achieve 88 epidermal/dermal responses.      

These are treatments that revive your skin as it is resurfaced, infusing it with targeted nutritional formulas loaded with highly concentrated serums, of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and essential oils.


External imperfections are erased, and continual cellular regeneration and restructuring of skin internally is accomplished by causing a constant release of Collagen & Elastin Peptides within the Dermis, in a process called Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding. 


PowerDerm® Kinetic Dermabrasion is the Essential Treatment within our Reversing Time Treatment Programs, and pivotal in the restoration of a younger looking You.

AHA Glycolic Double Peel (30 minutes)                         $65  /  add  mask $10 

AHA Glycolic Peel combined with Powerderm® Kinetic Dermabrasion takes years off your                        appearance.  Ask about the Reversing Time Programs 

*Little, to no down time


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 "My hair and makeup was the only thing I was worried about and it came out so perfect." 

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